Repetition: The Perfect Imperfection. Original work by Peter Bezuijen

Peter Bezuijen on Repetition

R-E-P-E-T-I-T-I-O-N  -  

It started with a phone call. My sister and I talk to each other on the phone on a weekly basis.  Sometimes a quick 10 minute call; on other occasions we talk for hours about life, family or nothing important - just a "chat". One of these weekly calls took place in April 2015.  My sister rang me while I was painting in my studio at home. The moment she rang, I just had "refilled" my 1cm flat brush with a beautiful Ocean Blue gouache no. 150 in series B Daler Rowney. While chatting along, I started to draw horizontal stripes of 3 centimetre long in a repetitive pattern on the front page of The Guardian.

After finishing our conversation, I looked at what had appeared in front of me: a horizontal pattern of repetitive blue 1 x 3 cm stripes. 35 rows of 9 horizontal stripes were left as a textile, weave on paper.  At first sight, perfectly positioned but after a closer look, I realised that this repetition represented "THE PERFECT IMPERFECTION".  

What would happen if I started working with the same 1cm brush on a larger scale, horizontal and vertical in a repetitive pattern? How imperfect or how perfect would it be? I loved the textile feel of the work and started to experiment with connecting the brush strokes by thin ink lines. The world of repetition I had entered seemed unlimited and full of surprises. Different sizes, different shapes, different brushes, different colours and even the experiment with 3 dimensional work came along in the end. This exhibition is about that journey. Maybe this exhibition is just the start of that journey. There is so much more to explore and I actually really love imperfection.

Hope you enjoy this series of work. And after all, "who’s perfect?"

 -Peter Bezuijen


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